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NEW MUSIC: "Illuminate" Wale featuring Phil Ade

Wale, Wale, Wale, one of the dopest lyricist of our generation and someone who can also recognize a lyrical prodigy when he hears one. Wale premiered two new singles on the NY radio yesterday morning. One of the records he released was entitled "Illuminate" featuring Phil Ade , a new artist on the rise. 
Ade rides this track effortlessly with Wale's smooth hook to further compliment. A record that touches on humility, rising from the bottom to the top and illuminating how ones' strife, with hard work, can turn into many successes. 

Phil Ade raps: we eating 
Long way from sleeping at bus stops out in Wheaton 
Long way from carrying that work on the China Bus 
Why the f*** you lying to us 

Wale snaps during his verse delivering a high energy flow with deliberate and punchy lyrics. 

Wale raps:
Call my hittas 
And ra-ta-ta-ta and leave em missing, yeah
Peep the message won't kick my feet up until we is winning 
All my people down I should probably feed em...

Check out Wale's "Illuminate" featuring Phil Adé by clicking the link below.

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