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NEW MUSIC: Wale feat Highbridge Voices - "Voices in My Head"

Today Wale released his "Voices in My Head" single featuring the Highbridge Voices choir and one of the most sought after producers, Metro Boomin. Wale never lyrically disappoints us. We expect his poetic delivery and attention grabbing lyrics. This tracks haunting beat with Wales soulful lyrics combines to make this record one to remember and a definite must listen. This particular single was formulated through a Sprite-endorsed joint effort that put Wale, Metro Boomin and the Highbridge Voices choir in one room. 

Hip-hop continues to grow because of collaborations like this one. We are beginning to hear new sounds, new ideas, new voices, new messages and Wale is a huge part of that evolution.

Wale raps: 
Palooza last night wonder how we made it out 
And everyday loud and everyday I work 
This Sprite green rave, ya bae obeying her thirst 
Got these voices in my head, alright 
I hear these voices in my head, all night 

Click the link below to take a listen to Wale's newest single "Voices in My Head" featuring the Highbridge Voices choir. 

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