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Detroit Woman Files Suit Against Empire. "They Stole My Story"

Empire is about that drama life --even in real life! 

So get this: a Detroit woman is suing the creator of "Empire" because she says Lee Daniels copied her life story including having a gay family member; and is now suing for $300 million! 
Her name is Sophia Eggleston alleges that Cookie's character is almost a carbon copy of herself. A few similarities include her love for minks and the time she served for putting a hit out on someone. 
So here's what [she says] happened! Back in 2011 she flew out to LA to meet with a screenwriter, Rita Miller. She gave her a book that later resulted in a call from Miller some months later stating that she had plans of pitching Eggleston's story to Lee Daniels. 
Fast forward 4 years, in 2015, Empire premiered and Eggleston noticed a lot of "similar behavior, background, and style of dress" between herself and Taraji's character. 

Eggleston's copyright suit said she was, "dismayed to see he various similarities of events and characters ... So numerous and specific, especially ... cookie Lyon, that independent creation was obviously impossible." She further noted other major similarities. The suit also said, "there is no possibility the similarities are ... Mere coincidence." 
Lee Daniels, Co-creator and writer, Danny Syrong, and Fox reps were named in the suit but declined to comment. 
As a later response, Strong referenced a story her heard about P. Diddy on a radio show as his initial idea hatch. He says he pitched it as "hip-hop 'King Lear'. 
Eggleston says it wasn't until the city was telling her of the similarities that a red flag went up.
"The whole city’s been telling me Cookie is basically me. Any jury would rule for me — $300 million is a very small price for taking my whole life and stealing it.” She said. 
Eggleston reportedly is representing herself in court.
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