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You can always tell when someone has a passion for music. The passion is in the lyrics, the beats, the entire production. Treble has a unique sound with a hip-hop music genre similar to J.Cole or Kendrick Lamar but definitely not limited to. Treblesome has a total of fourteen dynamic tracks each filled with meaningful lyrics and head-bobbing beats. This debut mixtape is designed to introduce who Treble is as an artist and to introduce himself to the people. The lyrics show off his lyrical capabilities and also give you a glimpse into Treble's current mindset. 
Treble is a Pittsburgh native that started rapping around the age of nine and over the years has been truly perfecting his craft. Treble began to take music seriously in the 10th grade when he joined the KRUNK movement in Hazelwood, Pa. He is apart of a music team that goes by the name of "SouLive" which is composed of five rappers and one singer.
Treble says, "Here in SouLive we believe that the limit is beyond the stars, and being that the stars are endless that means that we have no limit. That principle helps us to work at our highest ability, nothing less, in hopes to improve every time we hit the mic."

Treble raps (Ride Music):
This that ride music, you can ride to it
Now everybody, everybody knows how I do it
Who dat n**** Treble that's my name
Tell me you can feel it baby this ain't nova-cane
I got that crack and overdose
The music puts it in my brain

Click the link below to check out TREBLESOME!
Instagram: @ thatreal_

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