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NEW MUSIC: Uri Elite feat. Ja-P - "Ground Up"

Hip-Hop, don't you love when people embrace you? Uri Elite has truly embraced hip-hop with his new single entitled "Ground Up." "Ground Up" has an old school yet new school hip-hop flow with a head-bobbing beat. Elite's creative word play and poetic lyrics help further enrich the songs content and message. This track is about making it from the "ground up" and how your bad times can shape you thus helping you grow.
Uri Elite Raps:
Thankful for my blessings / even for the shedded tears
Taught me stand tall / So many close calls
Poverty stricken / Property Given / Asking why I'm living
Find the answer hidden / Times of breakdown helped me break out 

Uri Elite is apart of a music group that he and his brother founded called Real Music. The name of the music group truly encompasses the type of music they make - real music. The sole purpose of their group is to bring the realness back into R&B and Hip-Hop creating a sound comparable to no other. They're off to a good start with this record "Ground Up."

Click the link below to check out Uri Elite's new single "Ground Up." 

Contacts: Instagram: @ Uri_Elite
Manager Instagram: @ CGloverish 
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