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NEW MUSIC: Souliv - ''Street Lights"


Hip-Hop is constantly evolving but everyone loves a song that has a vintage Hip-Hop sound, a head bobbing beat and story telling lyrics. An artist that remembers that Hip-Hop is about being the author of your own lyrical story are the artist that will make it - Souliv is one of those artist.

Souliv gives us a preview to one of the songs off his upcoming project The Beautiful Struggle. "Street Lights" is a track that describes the usual nightlife of young teens today, drugs, money and the high crime rate. It's one of my most vintage tracks giving off a mobb deep feel. Everyone remembers how playful the streets can be when the street lights are off and everyone knows how vicious they can be when the street lights come on, with your mom yelling to you down the street to come in the house. 

"Street Lights" is bound to be a classic Hip-Hop track. Souliv will also be releasing a track entitled "Free Yo Mind" which is not apart of his upcoming work but it is a must listen as well. Keep Souliv on your radar and look forward to his upcoming project The Beautiful Struggle due to be released April 15, 2015. 

Souliv raps:
It was hot tryna be cool 
We even had our own hand shake
Looking clean with out rocking no jewels 
My life changed under this light that just glows so bright
Too many old cats predictions that was oh so right 

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