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Q&A with Brandon Miles x The Sneaker Thrifts

Brandon Miles is the epitome of a young man who took nothing and turned it into something.

This 26-year-old Virginia resident took his love for sneakers, awareness for a need for change & community support, and ambition and created a safe-haven for sneaker-head of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Here at divisionELITE, we are no stranger to thrifting and/or sneakers. However, a boutique dedicated solely to thrifted sneakers caught our eye. 

A wise man once said, "do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." While Brandon has put in MAJOR work for the success of his store, he's combined a passion and love for something and made it his job. He lies amongst those who don't have to "work" a day in his life.

We got the chance to ask Brandon "DaDa" Miles a few questions about TST.
Here's what he had to say:

divisionELITE: What inspired the start up of “The Sneaker Thrifts”
Brandon Miles: My inspiration behind TST is the undying love I have for sneakers. I know that having this love can be costly so I want to help the young sneaker-heads in my community that want to collect, to be able to do so at an affordable price!

dE: How does it work?
BM: How it works is simple! You bring your slightly used sneakers in and we see the worth and will either pay you for them, give store credit , or consign them for you!

dE: Who are you mainly targeting?
BM: I'm targeting all ages but, in my community the youth is going through it with violence and crime so I want to show them that I was one of them and now I have a business, and they can do the same!

dE: What is the correlation you see between sneakers and the urban community?
BM: Nowadays the youth are inspired by music and a lot of musicians are big sneaker collectors; that's a big help to sneaker store owners

dE: Does TST participate in the release of Jordan’s?
BM: On release dates we randomly get scattered sizes in whatever comes out and we post online. It's first come first serve to be fair 

dE: When people think of “thrift,” they primarily think of second-hand condition. What does TST do to present a “newer” feel to it’s product?
BMWe operate just like any thrift shop; we take second hand, donated, old, hand-me-down sneakers and make them affordable and look new enough to wear! Some people like the vintage look so we leave some aged and yellowed unless the customer asks otherwise. We also go to outlets and such and sell brand new shoes for a cheap price.

dE: Where can our readers learn more about TST? Social Media?
BM: Readers can Google TSTor check is out on Facebook -- or on Instagram --

If you're ever in the Virginia area, pay Brandon and The Sneaker Thrifts a visit!

The Sneaker Thrifts, Sneaker Boutique
125 S East Street
Culpeper, Va 22701

Follow Brandon on IG x Twitter: @DaDa_TST

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