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NEW MUSIC: Ton Lamron - "Roxy Reynolds" and "At Your Best"

What truly makes a good artist - versatility - some people would argue that talent makes a good artist but talent can be one dimensional. However, versatility is fire to the flame of musical success. Ton Lamron, a rising artist from Pittsburgh, PA represents that versatility this generation so badly needs. Lamron can make upbeat, twerk music but can also make lyrically depth music as well. 
He illustrates this versatilty in the two songs he has released off his highly anticipated debut project The Curious Case of Ton Lamron set to release in March of 2015
The first single entitled "Roxy Reynolds" produced by Nfvm3ntvls is a tribute to the adult film star Roxy Reynolds and other females in that industry. "Roxy Reynolds" illustrates the seductive side of music. This single has a smooth beat with female vocals that echo through out the song. Lamron truly shows off his artistic flows and creative play on words. 
Lamron raps:
"I call her Roxy
Attitude like foxy 
Slim waist a** off this cotton no oxy - moron
Eat it like its la-cordon - blue"

The second single entitled "At Your Best" sampling Aaliyah's "At Your Best" lyrically demonstrates how Lamron's family and surrounding fueled his ambition to be the best at what he does. He has a cocky swagger in this song that is necessary to get his message across to his listeners. 
Lamron raps:
"I just wanna see you at your best 
This that shxt that'll make them labels come invest
Type of shxt that make them bxtches show they chest 
And its still middle finger to the rest"

Click the links below and listen to Lamron's two newest singles your guaranteed to truly enjoy and respect both of them. 

Twitter: +TonLamron 
Instagram: +TonLamron 
Facebook: Ton Lamron

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