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New Music: Yung Nye - "Piece of Mind"

Everyone loves a lyrically talented hip-hop artist, someone with crazy flows, head-bobbing beats and memorable lyrics. Yung Nye, a hip-hop artist from Atlanta, gives us just that with his song "Piece of Mind" off his mixtape My Story. Yung Nye gives us his crazy flows over this even crazier beat produced by DJ Phreestyle. 
Yung Nye raps:
Excuse the excitement 
If you sue me for my flows then excuse my indictment 
I got dreams and aspirations of chilling on them islands 
No Gilligan, they said I'm getting out of here no discipline 

Yung Nye is not new to the rap game. Nye started rapping when he was 13 years old and has always had a love for music of all genres. Nye has a unique style that sets him apart from others and an authenticity that we don't get from every rapper. We can look forward to more of his work with his sophomore mixtape that will be released in the fall.
Nye says,"I feel that throughout so many obstacles in life, my passion for music comes from having a story to tell and being in a comfortable place where people can relate. Music is something very dear to me. I wouldn't engage in music if it didn't compensate for anything."
Check out Yung Nye's song "Piece of Mind," there is no way your not going to love it!

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