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Hip-hop is currently evolving and new artists with new sounds are breaking grounds. JGE Retro - a duo - composed of two cousins - Shad and Tab are changing the game with their innovative and hard-hitting sound. We have all seen them on the premiere show "Nellyville." Watching them on the show only made the world want to know more about them and their music. These are not simply artists who sit in the studio and make music -they are more than that. JGE Retro are also high-energy performers with an extremely commanding presence and unique fashion sense.
They have released their mixtape entitled Transition Day. The song that truly caught my attention was "Warm It Up" with it's 90's Kris Kross style of flow. I love 90's music and the way JGE Retro channeled the song putting their own flare on it is truly impressive. A song like "Warm it Up" also exemplifies their versatility.

Transition Day has turn up songs, such as, "I Could Neva" but also has songs for the ladies like "I Remember." Click the link below to listen to JGE's new mixtape, your guaranteed to find your favorite song.

Contacts: Twitter: @JGERetro
Instagram: @JGERetro @JGEShad @TabJGE

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