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Wale Speaks on #TAAN [VIDEO]

Y'all are CRAZY if you're not on the edge of your seats waiting for Wale's fourth album, The Album About Nothing.
Shoot, I AM!
Anyways, the DC rapper sits down with Hot New Hip Hop and discusses his highly-anticipated album which is set to hit shelves MARCH 31st!

For those who don't know, Wale released two prior projects --about nothing, The Mixtape About Nothing (2008) and More About Nothing (2010). Since then fans have been anxious for a part three.
What intrigued me most about the 'Nothing' projects was first the clips he used from Seinfield, The show about NOTHING!!
I'm not really sure what goes on in Wale's mind when he plans out and orchestrates his projects but these 'Nothing' projects are, excuse my slang, ALL'AT (all that).

What I appreciated second was that although they were themed about nothing, there was nothing about them that lacked substance, relevancy, and culture.

There actually isn't one project that Wale put out that lacked any of those things.

One thing I have noticed that is exciting me most about "The Album About Nothing" is that Wale has yet to fail his fans. And by fans I don't mean the people who know a few songs and can recite a lyric or two. By fans I mean the faithful crowd of individuals who support Wale genuinely. Those individuals who defend his lyrics because they feel a sense of relation between themselves and the artist. I'm talking about those individuals who feed off of the energy he gives on every project.
Those are the people I believe Wale does it for.

As a matter of fact that's one thing I've noticed about Wale. It's probably SO EASY if not sometimes tempting for him to "sell out." It's probably SO EASY for him to be the person twitter-gangsters refer to him as "post MMG." But I believe Wale doesn't really care. Wale makes music for his fans; not the masses. If the masses catch on then kudos to them but that's really not the bigger picture.

There are few artists in the industry that I feel exude genuine emotion. I know for a fact that Wale puts his heart and soul into his projects which is why I know TAAN is about to be off the chain!!

During the interview below, Wale says March 31st will be the biggest day of his career thus far. How can you not be excited for and with him?!

Do y'all know that TAAN isn't primarily excerpts from Seinfield the show but ACTUAL dialogue between him and Seinfield the person!?! Who would have every thought that the initial Nothing projects would end up here?!

Not only am I excited for that but In the interview Wale also said he's thinking about scratching the "The Body," which was an initial single from TAAN and give us ALL NEW RECORDS. The guy interviewing him seemed a bit confused because "The Body" received so much radio air time.

and then Wale said this,
"What kind of message am I sending if I'm chasing radio? This is the most creative project of my life. What message am I sending if I'm chasing radio. It fits the concept of the album but I just want to be like give them all new records. Give the 15 brand new songs.... We don't care about singles. Let's do the unthinkable. Let's continue to change the culture..."

After listening to his latest mixtape Festivus I was more excited than ever and then I stumbled upon this interview.

I could talk your heads off all day about this but I feel I've already taken up enough of your time.
Check out Wale's interview below!

Mark your calendars because March 31st, MY favorite artist has something really special to share with the world.

Here's the interview. He shares his features and some other things you NEED to know!

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