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Tupac Biopic Filming To Begin in June

What took so long? 
We've gotten Big's, TLC's, and an attempt at Aaliyah's and FINALLY we receive word that Tupac's will be soon-'DELIVERT!'

There's been numerous announcements made in the past about the late rappers biopic, however this time around may be the most valid.

What's been taking so long? Word on the street is that the rights to Pac's original music are still being earned... something Wendy should have taken heed to. *sips tea*

That's neither here nor there.
What's important is that production for Pac's biopic is set to begin in JUNE!

I'm MORE than excited to see how this unfolds. Producer, Randall Emmett says we'll get the chance to venture from the beginning of his life, the key people around him, and then head into the key years of his life and then, of course, his untimely death.

We'll keep you updated as more information is released!
In the meantime, take a look at an interview with Randall Emmett. He's has so many more details to share!

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