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NEW MUSIC: Lupe Fiasco - Mural

Lupe requires a few extra minutes on his latest release, "Mural," a 9 minute track from his Tetsuo & Youth album which is set to hit shelves Jan. 20th.

This just may be Lupe's final album. With his contract conveniently being over, he's going "back to the shadows."
We learned of this in an interview with Billboard where he basically said that he doesn't feel the need to be relevant any more. He says there's a new generation speaking to a new generation, He refers to J. Cole and Kendrick as the new Lupe's. He then goes on to say that he doesnt smoke weed or sip lean and can't compete with a Wiz Khalifa for the attention of a 12-year-old.

Much respect for you and your decision, Lupe. 

Check out "Mural"

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