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Lil Boosie & French Montana: Movie Stars?!

2015 changes are in full effect; especially for Lil Boosie and French Montana.
I never took the "it's a movie" line too serious when a lot of these artists use it --except the ones who really are in movies, of course!

In a recent interview with BET, both French Montana and Lil Boosie revealed their acting aspirations for the new year. 

"In 2015 you can expect the album, you expect the movie," Boosie told interviewers, 'I'm shooting my life story movie...It's crazy."

As far as French goes, he told BET that he definitely plans on being on his "acting tip" in 2015.

"I came in on the "Cocaine" set of DVDs, I just love the visuals, so I definitely went to L.A. [and] i'm definitely trying to put something together as far as a movie," he said.

He says the title of his movie coming out early this year is "Respect The Shooter."

Check out the interview for yourself:

This must be exciting for both French and Lil Boosie!
Best of luck fellas!
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