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Kevin Gates Admits to Having Sex W/ His COUSIN...

Instagram spills it ALL!!

So Kevin Gates, among many other artists utilize Instagram videos A LOT. It makes things a little more intimate in my opinion. I'm sure the artists that participate in Instagram confessions don't share what Kevin Gates shares.
Well except maybe Plies!

Anyways, Kevin shared two videos yesterday (Jan. 7) sharing sex life confessions with his viewers. One thing we learned in those two videos is that he is unapologetic-ally sleeping with one of his cousins.

I can not make this up; he said he is sleeping with one of his cousins and he isn't going to stop. As if that's not enough, he said the reason is because he didn't grow up with her 'knowing' it was his cousin.

"N***** be talkin' about yeah y'all look like brother and sister. Shit, no. I'm F***ing the shit outta her come to find out she my cousin, ya heard me? But I ain't bouta stop f***in' wit' her. Shit the p**** good...I aint grow up wit' you knowin' was you my people. Shit, I don't get tired."  -Kevin Gates
See for yourself. If you think the first video is a shocker, watch the second one right after!
A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on

YUP, that just happend!
A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on
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