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Dear Monday, Let's Date!

You wake up Monday morning and realize, "Aw crap, it's Monday AGAIN!" Well what'd you expect to come after Sunday? Sunday Jr.?!

 What's the big deal about Mondays anyway?

Why is it treated like the red-headed step child and dreaded like snowfall in July?

Let me guess, Friday through Sunday is pure romance and then here comes Monday, a retard wrapped in foil?!
Or is it like coming back from a well-needed vacation to Venice?
Fill me in because I keep missing the I hate Mondays memo.
In my opinion, Monday should be treated like a queen.

Okay maybe I'm taking this whole Monday being royalty thing overboard, but hear me out.
I was always taught to look at horrible things at a positive angle to make the very best of it. By the standards of you guys, Monday is a pretty
horrible thing so I'll apply my life lesson to that.

So you hate Monday's because there's nothing to look forward to about it? Nothing cool ever happens on Mondays? You go back to your miserable job and deal with miserable co-workers? You're still trying to hold on to the weekend?

I'll take, "You go back to your miserable job" for $500, Alex!

It seems like every one's "I hate Monday rant" is really a "I hate my job" rant.

Correct me if I'm wrong but if there was no work on Mondays, everyone's complaint would be, "WE HATE TUESDAY!!!!"


I's the start of a new week. You have the opportunity to start fresh! Who doesn't appreciate a fresh start? We are supposed to appreciate Monday but instead we bash it; and not because it's the first day after the weekend. But because it's a reminder that we have to return to our regularly schedule lives.

Did you know that Monday is actually everything we are looking for and everything we need but we think there's something better so we try to ignore it the best way we can.

You know that feeling you get when you find out after exhausting a number of relationships that everything you were asking for and were looking for are in the guy you called 'thirsty'; better yet, the guy you friend zoned?

You have friend zoned Monday!!!!

Break up with the real reason you hate Mondays and see what Monday is really about!
Hate your job? Get a job you LOVE!
Nothing fun ever happens for you on Monday? Make Mondays your hobby day! Set up some dates with your girls or make it movie night!
Miss the weekends on Monday? Get a grip!

I'm not saying we are ALL leading miserable lives or anything. I just think we're being a little too harsh on Mister Monday!


Why do YOU hate Mondays? Let us know below or feel free to shoot us an Email! ( OR Join the discussion on Instagram --> @divisionELITE

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