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All I got is a dollar and a dream [scholarship information]

I once read that there may be a person out there in the world who can cure cancer; he just lacks the funds. Whether her aspirations include dentistry or social work, she shouldn't be denied the opportunity due to money.

Hey guys, if you're new to, my name is Chantel Peterson. I am the creator of this very site. When I was a child college wasn't a choice for me. I KNEW I was going. I wasn't sure where but I was pretty sure that I wanted to study "writing," as I always told my mom. When I went away to school (Clarion University of Pennsylvania) I was overly excited! I couldn't wait to get the experience of college. More importantly, the nerd inside of me was eager to start class!

I went to the book store, rounded up the books that my four classes required, took them to the cashier only to be told that I owed over $460.
For BOOKS?!?!

I was so discouraged. I knew my mom didn't have $460 for books.... for ONE semester. Questions rushed through my head: "if this is only my first semester and I only need FOUR books, what am I going to do when I start my harder classes and have a 18-credit schedule?" was the very first. All of my excitement and enthusiasm I had built up had all been soaked up and dried away by these stupid books.
What did I do?
Well I got my very first book loan from the bookstore but even still I felt discouraged because who has $460 dollars to spare on books?! Was this supposed to be a semesterly thing? I needed answers ad I needed them QUICK!

Long story short, there are so many things freshman have to worry about and coordinate. Books should not be one of them.
After reflecting on my freshman year of college, I decided that if I could change AT LEAST one freshman's first week of college experience that I will have begun to make up for the overflow of discouragement that I experienced in that book store that August. So then I decided: I went to college with a dream and after things were paid for I had about a dollar; and with that dollar and that dream (and the help of some AMAZING people) I made it through college.

I decided that I wanted to start a book scholarship for freshmen; and so "A Dollar and a Dream" Scholarship was born.

Who is eligible?
-MUST be starting his/her first semester as a FRESHMAN at a 4-year college or university for the 2015-2016 Fall semester.
-MUST be enrolled in AT LEAST four classes/have a full-time schedule
-MUST write a 1,000 word essay on why "A Dollar and a Dream" would benefit you and your college experience as well as your major/intended major and lastly a completed 4-year plan outline (form coming soon)
-Applications will be available April 1st and are due no later than April 20th at midnight.

***As of now, each scholarship is $500/person. The amount of scholarships we give away is solely dependent on the amount of money divisionELITE raises.

Applications will be reviewed and decided upon amongst the members of divisionELITE Scholarship Committee. Applicants will be notified and announced April 25th.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to donate, feel free to contact me ANYTIME at

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