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5 Social Media Habits That Need To STOP!

We all have that one (or 10) follower that always has us one post or status away from an unfollow or a therapist referral! Shoot, I know I do...
We spend so much time on our social sites so it only makes sense to treat it like a human, right? Sharing our every thought, every picture (dressed or not), and telling ALL of our business?

It seems like we've become TOO social on our social networks

These are a few of my favorites from my list of habits that need to stop:

1. Negative Nancy Nagging
No one wants to log onto IG/Twitter/FB and the first thing they see is negativity. We all vent from time to time but SHEESH, keep those negative vibes to yourself, why dontcha?!

2. Less clothes for likes AKA thirst trapping
Put your clothes back on! No one wants to see half-naked pictures and then follow-up statuses and tweegrams about guy followers being thirsty. You and you're body are beautiful...but everything isn't for everyone's eyes.

3. Baby daddy bashing
In a perfect world a family consists of mothers and fathers living under one roof, supporting their child(ren) TOGETHER, peacefully, forever. BUT unfortunately our choice in men SUCK. Guess what, bashing your child's father on social media PROBABLY won't change his bad habits. Look at the brighter side of things, you are doing the best you can to raise and support your child(ren). You go girl! You don't need all these nosey people in your business, right?!

4. Exposing...EVERYTHING
There's so many different tiers to this one!
-Each other (guys, stop leaking/exposing these females every time they make you mad! Pictures/videos/messages....just stop what are you solving?)
-Your family problems (You're supposed to protect your house. Not tear it down. WHATEVER you're dealing with, social media can't fix it. Stop putting your family and friends on front street... what are you solving?)

5. Internet beefing
You know it's real when the person you're arguing with responds in all caps!
LOL! It's just messy and doesn't really solve anything. If anything it involves more people and creates even more internet gangsters. There's this thing called direct messaging; all you have to do is send the other person your number. If you MUST argue via the keyboard, do it privately!!!!

I know I was only supposed to share five, but this is a SUPER personal pet peeve of mine,

6. Silly Spelling
Most, if not all of us have smart phones....there's no reason we should still be (constantly) misspelling words.

I'll just stop at six!  What are your social media pet peeves? Or habits that you think need to stop?

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