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Label Me: Human.

What if we had to wear everything we've ever done on us?  On a flash drive, or tattooed all over our bodies --out in the open for everyone to see. What if it was that accessible for people to judge whether or not we're worthy of their time, conversation, or relationship based off of what our list of labels contained?

Thank goodness we don't have to dress in our flaws, insecurities, mistakes, and bad habits because how would anyone appreciate the positive, good, and personable attributes we also have layered?

 It's hard to understand how the bad more often than not outshines the good; but unfortunately that's how life operates.

The naked truth is we ARE what we are. The upside to that fact is that our flaws, faults, problems, and insecurities don't define us. We don't have a limit to how much we are able to change. We have no limit of growth. In turn, who we ARE can be changed to who we WERE. At the end of the day just like we made mistakes and have done good deeds, so have others. It would be wise to keep that in mind when we are on the verge of judging someone.

We shouldn't judge others based off of their pasts, but we should take them as we take ourselves. Unfortunately we don't though. It's as if we judge others by their actions and ourselves off of our intentions.  That's not fair.
Intent sometimes trumps action but until the intent is executed, that's all it is, an intent.
The action is what IS while the intent is what COULD have BEEN.
So I guess it would be cool that if we could see labels but it would be perfect to see the associated intentions that generated those labels.

The day we were born, we were perfect. From that day to this one A LOT has changed and our clean slate is now disguised by the residue of life experiences. Those experiences in turn produce those labels that we are ever so grateful for not be stapled to our physical being.
Generally we hope for and expect for others to accept us despite our baggage, or in this case, our labels. We generally hope for a second chance or a chance at all.

I admit that it would be so much easier to see labels prior to meeting someone. But that would be too much like judging a book by its cover. That takes away from the thrill of actually getting to know them. I like that upon meeting someone I get to form my own opinions and perceive them in my own light. A label might read "bitter" or "ghetto" but I might not see either of those things. Instead I could see misunderstood or unacquainted.

We are not defined by our preconditions. No circumstance, flaw, mistake, insecurity, or label is bigger than us. Nor does our difference in any of those things make us superior to the next person. The truth is we are all human; it gets no more broad or narrow than that. We mess up sometimes. Sometimes we do good. Other times we are the epitome of a work in progress.  It's those details that fence our humility and make up our being.

When you see/meet a person, I encourage you to not label them by what you heard about them, or how they look like they may be. Instead be cognizant of the fact that they are human just like you; growing and learning daily.


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