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Artist Spotlight: Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith is an R&B/Pop artist from Fredericksburg,Virginia. He has been singing and writing music for six years now. He is extremely talented and his music has depth with a unique sound that is all his own.

Smith says, "I live and breathe good music. I represent real music."

Smith's first official EP "Apollo" is due to be officially released Nov. 15, 2014. It will be released on iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud and Datpiff. The EP will be composed of five songs one being the track entitled "Cntrl Alt Dlt." The music video for "Cntrl Alt Dlt" was released today. The video is vivid, extremely well done and closely pertains to the lyrics of the song. The video is simple yet complex, it starts off with Smith sitting in his bed with a look of contemplation on his face then the video transitions to a couple different scenes one at a pool, an intimate scene, and one beautiful wilderness scene to name a few. The video tells a story and the composition of it makes you truly cling onto Smith's lyrics and soulful voice.

"Cntrl Alt Dlt" isn't your average love song. Smith doesn't paint love in a fairy-tale light but touches on the issues that people can have in their relationships that make you just want to control, alt and delete the situation and the pain that your experiencing.  
Smith sings:
"Fill my head with so many words 
A million reasons why this shouldn't work 
Think to myself I should let you go 
But I'm addicted to your magic show"

Follow Jordan Smith on Instagram and Twitter : @jmsblessed
Click the video below to watch Jordan Smith's latest video "Cntrl Alt Dlt." 

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