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Chris 2Sway "Ice'N Out"

Diverse sounds, unique mindsets and a longing for success are the attributes that inevitably make a good artist. Chris 2Sway, an artist from Pittsburgh, PA recently released his mix-tape "Ice'N Out." His mixtape has a diverse sound, it's hip-hop but in 2Sway's own way. Finding a way to make hip-hop unique when it is such an old musical genre is an art in itself. "Ice'N Out" also features artist such as JDP Thee Official, Kellem and Reez. The mix-tape is lyrical and a good listen, check out the link below and find your favorite jam immediately. 

2Sway also dropped a video for the song "Ol Head" off his mix-tape. The video is simple yet intricate, it allows you to focus on the lyrics and the acoustics of the guitar in the back ground.

Chris 2Sway raps:
"Riding around with a master plan
Time waits for no man
Gotta get it while you can
Don't you understand"
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