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Boosie Bad Azz - "Life After Deathrow"

Boosie is back at it again, full throttle, with his blunt lyrical content and vicious delivery he has successfully told his story yet again as we all bob along to the beat. Personally, I believe that this "Life After Deathrow" mixtape is one of his best, not completely the best, but it definitely is at the top of the list of favorite Boosie mixtapes. Boosie is not afraid to tell his story and keep it real in his music.

The name of the mixtape itself "Life After Deathrow" is unique and helps truly sum up what this mixtape is about. "Life After Deathrow" features artist such as Yo Gotti, LIV, Trey Songz and Shy Gliizzy. The mixtape ,honestly, is of album quality. I believe it is safe to say that lyrically, Boosie is one of the top lyricist of our generation. His music has substance. 

Boosie raps on his song "I Feel Ya":
"So you know you getting it on
Pocket full of stones
You either go to school for years and chase hopes
Or help ya momma pay the bills and sell coke
I feel ya n****"

Click the link below and listen to Boosie's latest mixtape "Life After Deathrow" you are guaranteed to find your favorite track and relate to the stories he tells.
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