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Musical talent excites me, it makes me fall harder in love with Hip-Hop. Bon Savage's extremely dynamic and hard-hitting  EP "Uncivilized" is a prime example of the musical talent I was referring to. Savage is an artist from Pittsburgh, PA that has been steadily developing his craft overtime and composing straight bangers. October 14, 2014, Savage dropped his highly anticipated EP "Uncivilized." This EP includes 14 songs produced by Ricky P, King Tut, MelleMelJR and DJ Kronic. Savage also has features on the EP from D Yerk, Latia, SevenRu and K.H.
The EP opens with his Uncivilized Intro, the intro has a very Egyptian sound to it, then Savage comes in hard giving straight lyrical tenacity and a preview into how the EP is going to be. 
"Seen crack in my mommas eyes,
they terrified,
I'm traumatized,
that made me UNCIVILIZED"
-Bon Savage 
"Uncivilized" is a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B and Savage's own unique musical flair with anecdotal lyrical content. Take a listen to "Uncivilized" below. For features and booking e-mail him at or contact his publicist Jia McMillan-Shipley (me) at or call me at (412)512-9940.
Social Networks: twitter: @Str8s412 
                                    instagram: @Bon_Savage

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