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The Joke of Black History

One of my favorite months of the whole year is here!
It's a cool month but why does it have to be so darn cold? These temperatures are NO JOKE!

Eh -- nevermind all of that the real subject at hand is the jokes of black history month.
Yes, you read that correct. The oxymoron of the year.

So not even two days in to the month, all over social media is post upon post of satire black history, like "Shanaynay, first black lady to drop it like it's hot" or "Jimmy 'step pappy' Johnson, the first black man to play step dad to another man's kid". . . I searched the hashtag #BlackHistoryMonth and found posts like this:

I don't see the complete harm in the satires EXCEPT for the fact that there are more posts about irrelevant doings as opposed to REAL accomplishments in black history. I want to say that for 10 satire black "first" posts, I may have only saw 1 legitimate black history post.

You ask why do I care?
I care because I watch, everyday as the black race belittles itself through every for of belittling there is. From blacks killing blacks, to the light skin vs. dark skin battle, to the self-hatred we have for our very selves. And it makes me wonder when exactly did we fall off? When did it become okay to not pride ourselves in our race, in our abilities to be great? Don't get me wrong there always have been and will be those who don't care too much about the history or advancement of the race but there need to be more who do than that don't; unless of course we want to continue to go nowhere fast.

The joke isn't within the satire posts (although a few did make me chuckle). The joke is within how dumb we look making a joke out of a significant time. 

Although I feel we shouldn't only illuminate black history in the month of February, I do feel as though we should make the most out of the month. I mean it's the shortest month of the entire year we should at least spend those short days educating each other about those who made major strides in history. Here's a better one, why don't we work together to be the Martin Luther King Jr.'s and Ida B. Wells of modern day? It's not like problems died when they did, but it seems as if the desire and admiration of the advancement of us as a people did. 

If I were to write a letter to my people, it would start like this:
We are allowed to be great. We are allowed to stand up for change. We, with the faith in God have the ability to continue to advance the black race. We should stop taking advantage of things those before of us fought for. We are allowed to support each other. We are allowed to love and be loved.

With that, I want to remind everyone that it is Black History month and if even for one day you learn of someone who did something for what you are free to do/access/anything today, or make a step forward for the race, thank you. And don't let that stop February 28. We are black and have history all of the other months as well. 

There is nothing that we can not do. No mountain too high, no valley too low, no hallway too dark. WE are BLACK HISTORY!

"[WE] still must go and [WE] still must be"


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