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Who you know better than Hov? Riddle me that! Concert Review

PITTSBURGH- Jay-Z is arguably the only rap artist who can blow the crowd away by simply being himself, and that’s justwhat he did last night in Pittsburgh, his 28th stop on The MagnaCarta World tour. No dancers, no hype men, no costumes, just Hov.
Jay-Z began rocking the crowd a little after 9pm starting with his “Holy Grail” track off his most recent album, Magna Carter…Holy Grail, and I must say the energy in the CONSOL energy center was crazy! I grew up on Jay-Z (thanks to my parents and their fabulous taste) but it wasn’t until last night that I became a “True Fan”. The flashing lights and incredible live band put me in an element I will never forget. I’ve been to my fair share of concerts and I have to give props to the “Roc Boys, the talent and chemistry in the live band was the cherry topper on an amazing show.

Jay-Z started off the show with some relatively new material like “Tom Ford” and “Beach is better” but to my pleasant surprise he incorporated a lot of his older songs in the show as well. As a lifelong listener I really appreciated that.Rapping along with Jay-Z to classics like “Big Pimpin”, “Jiggawhat, Jigga Who”, and “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” goes into my mental drawer of best memories.
Did I mention Timbaland was on the turntables!? The nostalgia I experienced from hearing Jay perform “99 problems” to Timbaland playing Aaliyah and Missy Elliot classics was just perfection. I was in such a happy state of mind I couldn’t even get annoyed at the hundreds of white people around me dropping the “n- word” constantly. Everyone in the crowd was throwing up “The Roc” and rapping along to the lyrics, it was impossible not to.  

About halfway through the show Hov switched it up and created an atmosphere that changed CONSOL energy center concertetiquette as we know it. He encouraged the crowd to stand up on the seats and dance in the aisles as he prepared us for “Niggas in Paris.” He mentioned the 4th time he did this on the tour a fire marshal approached him and threatened to fine him. Oh the irony.” said HovWhat’s 50 grand to a nxgga like me can you please remind me?” and that when I fell in love. Needless to say when the “Nxggas in Paris” beat dropped I made my way from my section 5 floor seats to the third row (bum rushing a salty seat usher) and hopped right onto a chair to rap along.

Jay-Z really showed his personality when he began doing crowd shout outs (not nearly as long as when Drake did his, luckily.) From calling out haters, to having everyone wish the birthday girl in the crowd happy birthday he made the concert memorable for everyone. I especially appreciated his tribute to Nelson Mandela.

This concert showcased the character of Sean Carter. I feel like I was meeting my uncle for the first time. His personality shined through his performance and created a bond with his fans that will keep us listening /loyal to his music forever.  There was a point in the show that I may have shed a tear from pure happiness. Call it dramatic, or call it drunk, I don’t care that show was the shit. I love my uncle Hov.

Arriana Bey
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