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Kanye West to Re-Release "808s and Heartbreak"

Remastered and re-released. 

A lot of us admit to love Kanye's previous music a little better than what he's putting oiut now. namely, "College Dropout" and "808s and Heartbreak".

Like myself, those who appreciated "808s and Heartbreak" can look forward to a re-released, remastered, full album.

This is a part Universal's campaign, "Respect the Classics" campaign. Kanye isn't the only recipient of the re-releases but Universal plans to include 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Tryin'", Eminem's "Slim Shady" LP, Lil Wayne's "The Carter" and a few more. 

Keep a look out for these classics, and as Universal would want you do, RESPECT IT!

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