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Joe Budden Speaks on Failed Proposal

Love and Hip-Hop at its finest, or should we say Love and Bull Shit!?

If you keep up with the hit-show "Love and Hip-Hop" you are well aware of the drama of love in hip-hop. There were rumors of Joe Budden's intentions of proposing to Tahiry! Exciting right? Not for her, when the episode aired, he proposed in Time Square where he was REJECTED!

We are approaching the end of this season and Joe took it to Hot 97 to spill details on his failed proposal with Tahiry.

Joe is a bit of a optimist (during the interview) because while he admits his disappointment in Tahiry's answer, he also shares that he enjoyed the night. He said,

"But I'm mad at the editor they edited so much out. In the scene that I shot with my mom afterwards, I expressed how the answer didn't take away from how beautiful the night was. With the family there, and just leading up to it and the wedding planning, all of that was great still."

Editors always do that! Take away something that the cast wants us to see that they don't deem worthy!

During the interview with Hot 97, he did say that he was done with Tahiry. How true is this though, we will never know. After all, they are that "off-and-on" couple. 

Anyways, check out Joe's interview with Hot97!

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