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Another Woman is WILLING!

The reiteration of the other woman fulfilling your duties can not be made enough. The fact that there is someone out there somewhere who can do something a bit better than you is inevitable; whether that be cooking, cleaning, being a mother, things behind closed doors, etc.

Just because someone can do what you do a little better does not mean you give up on what you and your man have. That also doesn't mean you start slacking off. Relationships are about give and take. If you don't and if you do, just know: ANOTHER WOMAN IS WILLING!

Now, I'm not sure who all read our article "Being The Other Woman" but it basically said, be the other woman to your man!

Moving forward, this isn't what we call a "How To" post as opposed to "Being The other Woman". This is a mere wake up call to the women who think their men are untouchable.

What a harsh reality right? No! It's not harsh at all. At least according to the mannerisms of today's generation of relationships. The generation where side chicks are winning, not to mention slowly, and unspoken-ably acceptable, men are still dogs, although they claim they "try", everyone outside of the relationship have more influence than those IN the relationship, oh and women cheat way better and more frequent than men.

How exactly can one have any hope of a healthy relationship, not to mention look forward to longevity with such odds against us?

The answer to all of your problems is within you and your relationship!

You know what he likes, you also know what he doesn't. It's simple, do it, and in the case of the unfavorable things, DON'T! It's no secret.

NOW! The question was posed about lost interest. It is honestly in my opinion that once a mate loses interest in a person it is kind of hard to regain that interest GENUINELY. Something like trust.

Interest is something key, very important. I mean who wants to indulge in something that isn't interesting? I guess it technically wouldn't be considered indulging if you don't enjoy it, but, anyway....

Again, keeping your mans interest is solely up to you! He is your man and you should know him well enough to know what keeps his interest. Remember, it's about give and take. There are going to be things you do not enjoy doing, believe me, same goes for him. BUT do that every once in a while, surprise him. It will be appreciated.

Like I said the "side chick" is slowly becoming a bit more acceptable. Beware of this! Beware of her abilities to fulfill what you can't find time for, or just flat out don't want to do. Who knows maybe you just forget from time-to-time.

Here's what you don't want to do, become so aware of the side chick phenom that you are paranoid and questioning his every single move in fear that another woman is slowly doing your job. That will push him away -- think about the times when you aren't mad but people keep asking you, "whats wrong" and then you get mad! LOL the same affect will be had on him. If you keep asking and making assumptions he will feel like, "shoot, I might as well have done X Y and Z since shes down my neck about it anyway".

Its a balance that you have to find and stick to.

So moral of the story? Another woman is ready and willing! If you're man is as great as you say he is, teat him as such. Don't leave room for him to search for what you lack in someone else. She is waiting for you to mess up! Neither of you may even know it!

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