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3 Rappers in trouble with the law in 2 days

There's just something that rappers like about police encounters!

Two already underwent custody while one is still wanted!
tisk tisk tisk!

Soulja Boy and Jeezy have reportedly been arrested!
Soulja Boy, in L.A. for something as simple as carrying a loaded gun... don't feel safe with security, Soulja??
but he allegedly was pulled over early this morning for not stopping at a stop sign. During the stop, authorities 'notice' he was carrying a loaded weapon. The 23-year-old is now in custody and being booked. 
further details haven't surfaced; however, we will keep you updated when they do!

What did Jeezy do?!
Oh gosh he was arrested in Atlanta for cursing out police officers! This is the second time he's seen the inside of jail bars.
Anyway, its reported that police, for an unknown reason responded to an alarm call at Jeezy's girlfriend's house. Upon arrival, authorities asked for I.D. and name when Jeezy responded, "Fuck you, I aint tellin' you." The officers tried to cuff him, he made the matter worse by attempting to resist arrest.

He is booked now in Fulton County Jail, also in ATL.

Now that authorities have Soulja Boy and Jeezy, there is a search for SUGE KNIGHT!
How many black men don't yet know that MISSING COURT WILL RESULT IN A WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST?!
Apparently Suge Knight was not cognizant of the repercussions as he missed his court date. It wasn't even like it was a crazy court matter. it was a rescheduled court date for TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS from back in September. It was mandatory appearance so the judge in turn issued an arrest warrant. 

He will be be taken in and held at a $26K bail.

Welp! That's the jail drama for today! Let's hope no other artist find themselves in trouble with the law this week!!

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