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Stand Up For Leon: Family Requests Federal Investigation

A year ago, yesterday marks the one year anniversary of when police shot and paralyzed Leon Ford Jr., a 19-year-old Pittsburgh teenager, who at the time had no record and/or no inability to walk, or even stand up.

Today, the community gathers again to remind the authorities and officials that the family and the community has not forgotten about his injustice. 

Even after a year of waiting and facts against crooked stories, Leon has not received any justice. He not only is paralyzed, the officer who paralyzed him, David Derbish, is still on the force and still in the zone (zone 5) in which he pulled over and shot Ford. 

"NO officer under investigation for the use of deadly force should remain on active street duty, specifically not in the zone in which he/she committed the act." - Alliance of Police Accountability 

The family is requesting, still for the courts to drop Ford's charges which include reckless endangerment, aggravated assault and the newest, charge of escape. Not only are they requesting the charges to be dropped but a federal investigation against the Pittsburgh Police. 

DivisionELITE is present at the City County building, downtown, Pittsburgh. Keep an eye out for updates of the city county meeting. Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl is about to speak concerning Ford's case. 
Do you have questions that you would like answered from the family? Attorneys? The mayor? Comment below or email us at and we will try our best to he them answered for you!

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