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Who loves Black Friday?
I Do! I Do! I Do-oo!

Man just the thought of black friday makes me not only sleepy but feeling overwhelmed! Let's admit, who REALLY enjoys sitting in traffic, finding parking, arguing over parking, and walking around jam-packed malls with bags, maneuvering through other grouchy folks? But you sure do love those deals, right?!
Shoot I can't lie, I enjoy those prices! You get most, if not all of your Christmas shopping out of the way!

So you just invested all of this time, energy, and money at the mall. Now, no shade to the stores in the mall, but have you ever thought to maybe pour your cash back into the smaller businesses?


What do I mean? I mean that our generation has extreme talent, we produce magnificent things and have better intentions behind them. Why not support that?! Don't nix the whole mall idea, but let me plant this bug in your ear. It's really a good idea!

Where can you shop black?

Searching for some trendy beanies? WrkngTitle is not only fashionable, but affordable. Males and females can both find some dope beanies there!
IG | WrkngTitle
Twitter | WrkingTitle

Swank Couture
Want some threads that are handmade and couture? The good people over at Swank Couture can cook that right up for you! Perfect for both males and females!
IG | SwankCoutureCo x @Swanknificent
Twitter | @Swanknificent

Who here is looking for something different? Something head turning? Something those other girls/guys don't have? HommeDior is definitely the people you want to shop with because their bottoms alone have me wanting to splurge on a whole wardrobe from them!

IG | @HommeDior

Aliya Wray's
Trashy nails are such a turn off… guys, that applies to you too!
Gift certificates can never be a bad gift for a bomb pedicure/manicure and or anything else Aliya Wray's has to offer.

IG | @AliyaWrays

Curl Box
All of my natural sisters will LOVE this one! Product costs an arm and a leg! It's horrible, Have you ever subscribed to CurlBox? PERFECT gifting opportunity!

IG | @CurlBox

I know I missed a lot, the above doesn't even scratch the surface of black owned businesses. I know you know a few, just don't forget about them when you're splurging on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!!
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