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Happy One Year Aniversary, Division ELITE!!!

That's the number of days Division ELITE has been here! Today, we celebrate our achievements from before today and for the days to come!
Nov. 12, 2012 is the day the vision of Division ELITE was brought to light and crafted. From that day to this one, we have done things that we didn't even think we'd do, went places we never thought we'd go, and met people we never thought we'd meet. 
Before all, GOD is responsible for what success we do have, and then you! The readers! We post and you read. For that we are ever so thankful.

Why was DE created? DE was created out of the boredness of my semester. It's ironic because I was a senior and had little to no free time; I somehow found the time to be bored. I started it with intentions to entertain and support others around me. Our mission is to educate, entertain by any means on all grounds including but not limited to arts, music, and sports. As popular as celebrity gossip is, that is something that we strive to stay away from. We present infotainment. We strive to serve as a liaison between our generation and culture. More importantly, we stand behind empowerment and recognition of positivity in the community, and for the greater good. Furthermore, we support local and upcoming, and relevant news and figures. We strive to dish out the best, and nothing less!

As the creator behind Division ELITE, I would like to thank you and invite you all back to Division ELITE! 

If you have any thing you think you'd like to contribute to the site, would like to join our team, or have general questions/comments, feel free to comment below, or contact us via the "CONTACT' Tab or emailing us at!!




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