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Dear Summer, I'm getting ready now!

How many times did you hop on Instagram mid June just to find your female followers talking about, "Miami in three days. . . about to hit the gym and get this body right!"
I've seen it way too many times and each and every time I think to myself, "What workout plan are you executing to get a beach body. . .in the NEXT THREE DAYS?"

Ladies, don't kill yourself within a week span trying to get that perfect beach body. Rome was not built over not and neither is the perfect body --not that I believe in a "perfect body." You don't have to be a size 3 to be the "perfect" size. Anywho, whatever size you are, its about being in shape.

If you balance your workouts out throughout the year, you will have the body you want.
Want those toned legs and tight abs for 4th of July Weekend on South Beach, START NOW!

Everyone isn't disciplined enough to workout on their own, so I recommend a trainer!
Yes, a trainer!

"Trying to lose weight and stay motivated at the same time was a task until I began training with The Body Boost. I am truly excited and pleased with my progression and enjoying the results."
-Taylor Bennet, The Body Boost, Client

Allow me to introduce you to Cambrya --Body Boost!
Cambrya want's to Boost your body! She wants to help you get in shape or maintain what you already have!

You may be completely happy with your body shape but feel you're unhealthy, a trainer helps with that as well. Cardio is very important. More important that your body shape.

"I wanted to start working out to feel healthy and tone my body, just a month and I feel great! The Body Boost is so motivational. I couldn't have found a better trainer."
-Kaylee Sabol, The Body Boost, Client

 If you're in the Pittsburgh area, try Body Boost at least once, you WILL want to go back! OH you want to know what it will cost you?! If you're a first time client, she is offering one week at $15/hour. Her regular cost after that is $20 hour. I.m not sure what your budget is, but nothing in life is free. Including a healthy heart and that body you want for your summer vacation you plan on paying an arm and a leg for!

Why wait a few weeks before it's time to board the plane? Why waste money o temporary results from those wraps? Get yourself an honest workout with Body Boost!


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