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Situation Address: Adrian Peterson "Care" Tweet

You're supposed to choose your battles carefully.

Yesterday a comment was made in light of the Adrian Peterson situation. The comment, made via Twitter said, "So everyone gon' fake care for three days about AP. . ."

What did you take from the comment as you just read it?

Hello everyone, I am Chantel, founder of the blog you are on and the person responsible for that tweet that had twitter's feathers ruffled yesterday. I feel as though an explanation needs offered for those who misconstrued the statement.

When the comment was made, it was NOT in any way, shape, or form to devalue the situation. My prayers went up, as did many others. The statement was NOT made to tell people who and/or what situation(s) to care about. A death is a death no matter what age. Needless to say losing a loved one is hard; I am certain I am not the only one who can attest to that.
What exactly did I mean then? What I meant, while using my freedom of speech, on my Twitter account, was everyone is sending condolences today and tweeting about the situation today and maybe throughout the course of the next few days and then everyone will forget (for the most part.)

You would be lying to yourself if you said that's unheard of.

I want to ask some questions, ONE rule: IF IT DON'T APPLY, LET IT FLY!
--> How many people are still hash tagging #IAmTrayvonMartin on pictures and wearing their hoodies in support of the situation?
--> How many people are donating and still reading up on the Kony situation? (mind you, those were THOUSANDS of kids who were killed)
--> How many people are paying attention to politics and gun control to assure nothing like Sandy Hook happens again?
--> How many people pay attention to anything political for that matter? Besides when Scandal comes on. Do a majority of US even know why we vote for who we vote for? Or did a lot of us vote for Obama because he was black? Wait here's a better one, who cares to vote after the presidential election for any other election??

Let's look at it from a local stand point.
--> Who of US plan on showing up to Leon's court hearing on the 16th? (we reposted the flier and hashtagged #JusticeForLeon for a few days after the hearing who of US will still check to see how they can help make a change or difference)
--> Who of US speak up or work towards the awareness of domestic violence?
--> Who of US will really tweet about breast cancer awareness ANY month outside of October?
AND lastly,
--> Who of US protested or rallied or is contributing to the justice of Baby Marcus? (Again, Thank you to those who generously donated)

NOT MANY OF US! But we can run to the club/bar every weekend and run to see the duck with our loved ones, and run to show off on our social media profiles WE still hype up Kendrick's Control Verse while WE are still a city who needs justice and genuine care from each other! WE need to ACT upon the CARE WE invest in these situations when they happen.
...something to think about when you drink your bottled water.

I say US because I am not exempt from Pittsburgh, The USA or human race.

I must agree, "fake care" may have been the wrong choice of words, however the moral of the tweet is valid. Your care may be as genuine as it can get and if for only three days you invest your care, who am I to judge you?

Anywho! My above examples are not to say no one still "cares" my examples are to point out that bad news has seem to become more a trend than anything. It is not a trend and it seems as if we, and by we I mean humans harp on something when its relevant and popular. That's natural. Our hurts still hurt for Trayvon and for Michael Jackson, and 9-11. Unfortunately, for some of us, that's where it ends, a hurt heart.

I in no way intended to "offend anyone" if you were offended, I do apologize, sincerely. Everyone shows their care in a different way. If your way of showing you care is through a tweet, a phone call, a letter, a rally, etc, then by all means please express yourself freely.

Welp. That was it in a nutshell. I wasn't "coming" for anyone, trying to offend anyone, or anything else negative that was portrayed from the tweet. I'm really a sweetheart who occasionally tweets what's on my mind, my opinion, things others think but don't tweet, utilizing my freedom of speech, ya know all the fun stuff (like the other millions of Twitter users).

I thank everyone who made a comment (both directly and indirectly). It really helped put things in a better perspective of others' thought processes and points of view. Again if you were offended, that wasn't my intention.

On behalf of both divisionELITE and myself, prayers and condolences do go out to the family of Adrian Peterson.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below or email us at!

Have a blessed day, be happy! Jesus Loves you!
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