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Deal? Or No Deal?

Compromise. The very thing we need just the right amount of. The question is how much compromise is healthy?
Let's break this down. When you compromise you allow yourself to make/accept a change for the greater good of the state of your relationship. Who wouldn't want to keep the state of their relationship good, if not great? Some would come to the conclusion that compromise equals change and change is good; only it's not that simple.

One or two changes to allow a healthier relationship is good. It's only when you start to change the things that make you you.

So here you are converting your whole lifestyle, beliefs and morals in the name of compromise. You have completely lost yourself in the journey of finding the perfect relationship. Your signifigant other is loving this, they have their ideal mate and life is good.'s a little secret for you, you can change and make yourself believe that you've changed as much as you want but the harsh reality is the real you will re-surface sooner or later and all of the time and "compromise" you invested means very little to none.
None of us know the future, but it's not impossible to look at facts, behaviors and or personalities. It's simple, OBSERVE!
Even the most perfect of relationships have a few flaws. It's important to notice the things that have potential to overwhelm you pool of compromise. You can only take from it so much before your mate sucks it dry.
The signs are usually there you just have to be invested in your own feelings and morals enough to spot what you really want and what is best (and what isn't best) for YOU!
People say you shouldn't discuss Religion and Politics, as simple as that seems, religion and politics may be huge deal breakers. Two of some peoples' most prominent beliefs are indeed religion and politics. If you find yourself trying to intertwine the two, tread those waters carefully! It's not impossible, there are plenty of couples who have split religions. I.E.: The Muslim and the Christian. Sometimes one of them either convert, or they agree to respect each others beliefs and choices of worship. If you can't see yourself compromising your religion for that of your mates, re-consider your mate they may not be the one for you.
Family, as important is it is sometimes can be the deciding factor in whether or not people stay on good terms. Dealing with families is a matter of will-power and patience! There are countless mothers who wont and may never get along with their sons girlfriends due to whatever reason. And many fathers who hate their daughters boyfriends. That's inevitable. The problem is when your Boyfriend/Girlfriend can't leave the nest and tend to his relationship without the input of his/her parent(s) weighing over their own thoughts and intentions. That's a NO-NO! Not being a free-thinker is bad for business. NO DEAL!
Support! One thing that should be given without question is support. You can't have someone in your corner who is contributing nothing to the fight. If your mate can't for the life of them genuinely support what you do, what you believe, they are of no real value to your life, goals, dreams, aspirations, everything good. NO DEAL!
Happiness. One thing you NEVER compromise is your happiness --NEVER! Your happiness is the very thing that keeps us going. This is needless to say but important to reiterate that if you are with someone who doesn't have your best interest at heart, they have ulterior motives. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! If he/she cant/doesn't make you happy, toodles! NO DEAL!
You know what you can handle, and what you can't you know what seals the deal and what breaks it. It's up to you to observe and decipher what's best for you and the well-being of your heart and your relationship. Compromise is good as long as compromise doesn't become constant change. Never change yourself to be what someone else wants you to be. Tell him/her to find that person they are trying to make you be.
But don't be the weirdo that throws away a perfect love story over something corny. I'd like to share a little story!
My grandparents are a couple who let compromise know who was boss. My grandfather is a seventh day Adventist (a branch of Christianity). In his day, SDA's believed that wearing jewelry was frowned upon, they believed that if God wanted you to have holes in your ears for ear rings, he would have gave you holes upon creation. Any-who, my grandma was not a seventh day Adventist. However, she was a Christian and adopted the practices and beliefs of a Seventh Day Adventist. I have never saw my grandmother wear a pair of earrings, except in pictures of her as a child and very young adult. There were of course many other things aside from not wearing earrings that my grandma compromised. They have been married for 38 years. My point is don't let something stupid like not being able to wear earrings break up what can be a unity of example.
What are some of your deal breakers?
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