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Breast Cancer Awareness Exclusive: U-Part Wig Tutorial

Even the lovely ladies with breast cancer sit pretty!!
@Fashion_Neseta, being the kind hearted person she is put together a Breast Cancer Awareness Wig Tutorial.
During this tutorial, the steps and materials needed to make not any kind of wig but a U-Part wig is included!

"I think it would be really nice because a  lot of women in my family have breast cancer and I think this would be really nice for women all over the world," Shanese (@Fashion_Neseta) said in preparation for her tutorial.

This video is not only for those with breast cancer, but those battling any branch of cancer. Please feel free to share this tutorial and a little inspiration to someone you know battling any kind of cancer (and anyone who wants to know how to make a wig!)

Check it out!

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