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Work smarter, NOT harder.

A lot of the time, the A students end up working for the C students.
Seems a little backwards, doesn't it?!
Well if you think about it the A students work super hard, while the C students work really smart!
They key isn't to be able to recite every word from the book, rather than knowing how to creatively and affectively use what you learned.
Have you not even noticed that a lot of successful people didn't even graduate from school, some didn't even go. That is not to persuade people to drop out/not go to school. But it is a good point.
A lot of people while in college are super concerned with making straight A's. Kudo's to you, but somewhere, there is a millionaire in the making who is concerned with being involved on campus. learning what the people like based from experience not book knowledge. They are hands on. They may only earn C's in class. That doesn't mean their dumb or don't know what they're doing. That means they know exactly what they're doing.
They're gaining the personality skills, people skills, networking skills, professional skills, and all those other good skills people need to be successful.
Those A students know to work hard, but if you aren't working smart, hard work is sometimes invalid.
What do I mean? I mean those are the people who look good on the outside and they can play by the book but they usually don't take risks; they do what they know, what they've studied. Working smart is knowing how to adapt, how to look a things from all possible angles and attacking the situation, whatever it may be in the best way possible.
Any-who! Just keep in mind that working smarter may benefit you a bit more than working harder. It's like knowing the difference between knowing that good things come to those who wait and good things come to those who hustle.
Oh, P.S. if you work hard AND work smart you pretty much are on the right track!
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