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What does the Government shut down really mean?

So, a lot of people are tweeting their assumptions of what the government shut down actually means, no more food stamps, no police, etc.

here is a full list of what will and will not happen during the shut down, according to NBC Washington:

During this shutdown, we CAN still
-Get help from 911
-Get caught by red light cameras in Washington, D.C.
-Receive mail
-Receive SSI benefits
-Receive unemployment checks
-Receive food stamps
-Pay taxes
-(probably) get a passport
-Sign up for healthcare exchanges
-Get your trash picked up
-Be protected by U.S. Military
-Ride Amtrak
-Ride Metro Rail/Bus
-Travel by air
-Apply for (a) new Patent(s)
-Safely eat a meal (inspected by USDA)
-Learn about unemployment rate
-Receive weather warning/watches

During this shutdown we CAN NOT still:
-Apply for NEW Medicare or SSI benefits
-Visit the Capitol (open for congress, not visitors)
-Check legal work status of an employee
-Continue to be audited
-Get a NEW small business loan
-Go to the Smithsonian
-Go to the National Zoo
-Camp in national park
-Visit a war battlefield
-Watch the Zoo's Panda Cam
-Visit the monuments
-Go rowing, if you are part of a crew team that uses a boathouse on federal land.

Hopefully this cleared up a few assumptions and statements!
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