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Use What you got to get What you Want

Use what you got to get what you want. Sell Yourself. Make it good.

It is too often that we have resources at our fingertips but don't know how to properly utilize them.
This is for the high school student, college student, the recent graduates, the people on a job hunt, anyone with resources but aren't where they want to be.

So where do I begin? Hmmm. Ok, how about networking. Networking is so key on so many different leveles. You know how they say, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." This applies to that. Networking is vital to you advancing in your career, in your school, in life period. Most of us find ourselves Social networking throughout our day on social media, but it's important to get out and show your face to the people who have the tools you need.

So you're out and "networking" what do you do? First, know how to market yourself. I believe in the elevator speech. What is the elevator speech? A 30-second prompting of who you are and what you do and why you are so great at it --in 30 sec or less. If you are able to sell yourself, you never know where you may end up next. Any-who from there if you have a business card (highly recommended even if you aren't a business owner/entrepreneur etc. It's a good look.) Most likely you will swap cards with the person/people you are networking with.

That's where the real work comes in.

So you gave your card to the person/people you think can help you advance to the next stage of your journey and you also have theirs. DO NOT sit around waiting on them to contact you. If you are truly interested in their services and connects, make it your business to plant a bug in their ear every chance you get. Don't stalk them or anything but although these people may bot be your employer, they are a vital part of getting in contact with who you need to be in contact with.

Social networking just as if not more important. Not talking about your shoutouts and Ask.Fms on Instagram but places like LinkedIn.  If you aren't familiar with LinkedIn it is electronic networking. Your profile is a big resume where you get to highlight your experiences and so on. It first reminded me of Facebook except on a more professional level. I recommend LinkedIn for all of those who are on a professional journey. [keep a look out for my keys to linkedin success coming soon :) ]
As much as we are on our phones, we should be more than advanced in knowing how to maneuver around our favorite social sites for our own advancement.

Furthermore, It is important to use all of your resources wisely. Just because you know people, or better yet, know of people does not mean that you are utilizing them properly. Line up all of your resources and know how to use them as you need them. Make sure you are contacting the people who told you to contact them. They want to help you! Most importantly, stay professional and keep your eye on the prize. You never know your limitations until you try wholeheartedly.
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