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The Song Told Me to Like It!

Don't let this music stuff get you effed up! PSA: Just because you hear it in a song DOES NOT mean you have to rock it!

Honestly. For whatever religious reason, people seem to think designer wear isn't worth wearing unless it's mentioned in the latest song(s).

Maybe it's not that they think its not fashionable, maybe they were just ignorant to the existence of that label.

Think i'm lying? Ask you followers on IG and Twitter how many of them knew about Tom Ford prior to Jay-Z's Song. . . Ask them how many of them were copping Versace prior to Drake and the Migos. . .  I'LL WAIT! 

To all of the fashion forward people out there, big ups for knowing your designers! But to everyone else who hear a designer in a song and then obsess over it until the next designer is mentioned in the next song, stop trying to keep up with the Joneses.

A lot of us are spending money we don't have to impress people we don't know or don't even like. A lot of us purchase things just to keep up with the next, just to hashtag that designer we heard about in the song. 

Being influenced by the song isn't even the problem though! The problem is people in threads that they can't spell or pronounce! That's the worst. Like if I ask you who your shoes are by, PLEASE don't be like "I think it's pronounced Why-Ves Saint Lor-ent, you know, YSL." 

No judgement though. Just some food for thought. Act your wage, and if your wage is allowing you to dabble in designer threads, please know how to spell and pronounce them.

Other than that, STAY FABULOUS!!


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