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J. Cole x Wale Concert Recap

Simply amazing. 

What dreams may come.

The Gifted Wale, and Born Sinner himself J. Cole shut Pittsburgh down!! 

They came to Stage AE in the north shore. Aside from taking away attention from the infamous 40-foot duck camping out at the point, the two gave Pittsburgh Exactly what they paid for. 

Honestly. There couldn't have been one person in the crowd who cant admit that Wale ROCKED the show! From the very beginning all of the way to his fan requested encore. I have never seen an artist have so much fun on stage, doing what he loves to do. The level of passion exuded was unbelievable. He, Black Cobain, and Tre's stage chemistry was everything. 

They performed a little of everything, New joints from Wale's 3rd and latest album "The Gifted" ("Clappers," "LoveHate Thing," "Rotation," and Self-produced "Simple Man") and oldies but goodies ("Pretty Girls," "Chillin" "Bait" and "Lotus Flower Bomb" just to name a few." 

I wonder if anyone there peeped Wale and Cobain doing the Dew dance!!??

J. Cole! Yes to see cole in concert was super anticipated and well overdue. 
You know when people say, "last night was a movie" LAST NIGHT A MOVIE!! The entire J. Cole performance had a plot. I've never been to a concert with a plot. They usually just Perform. 

While I looked Into the "plot" A Little more than probably anyone else there, it correlated with his sophomore album "Born Sinner". His stage set was everything; Reminded me of being at the Grammy's. Cole had A LOT of thought put into the production of his shows. Better yet his "What Dreams May Come" tour. 

In case you didn't have a chance to see this show, check out some more pictures !! 


Make sure you keep an eye out on Oct. 2nd. Word is @BlackCobain is revealing his Mixtape release date! 

Thank you, Wale and J. cole for the lovely show !! 
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