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Fashion Forward! So Long Summer...

It is sad to say, but the summer season is floating away. As the weather changes, and the clouds roll in, the wind blows, and you have to start wearing clothes to cover your skin. 

When the season changes, your wardrobe must change with it! Its time to put away those sandals and flip flops, and break out some cute fall shoes. It's time to start wearing stockings and boots with those skirts, and its time to throw on a blazer snd scarf with those tank top shirts! 

Fall is practicaly here, so rearrange what you are going to wear. 

Not only do the fashion trends change, but some colors should be toned down as well.
In the summer season people love to be bright, and pop while they walk down the avenue. You tend to see alot of pink, green, yellow, orange, and blue, but fall requires more earthly tones. Such as, dark green, brown, cream, tan, and burnt orange. These frames of colors accent this season very well. 

A good outfit to try as the days get cooler, wear a cute pair of old faded ripped jeans with a pair of flat laced loafers, and an oversized sweater that be rolled up to the elbows and leans off of the shoulder. This is a cute sleek everday look, that looks good in the fall.
So do not forget to fashion forward, and switch up your wardrobe. Fall is the best season for fashion!!!
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