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Been Official VS. Beneficial

Have you ever come to the realization that you aren't really useful unless your being used. What exactly do I mean? I mean, have you ever felt that the only time people hit you up is if they need you. Not need you as in a shoulder to cry on, or someone to listen to their problems; but a jitney trip or a quick $20 loan?

UGH! That is just the worst. now-a-days, too many people are sticking around and hitting me up because i'm beneficial, not 'cause I been official.

Sheesh. That sounds harsh to admit --BUT I don't have a problem with that. Not at all. You shouldn't either. All of those 'friends' that place you in the "beneficial" zone are responsible for the friends with benefits label. Let me explain.

If you too have more people who are around because you're beneficial than you do because you been official, CONGRATULATIONS, you can now distinguish who your real friends are. Like Meek said, those  are like your brothers, like your mothers sons, (or sisters like your mothers daughters!)

Friends with benefits? YES! Not that kinky boy and girl, dysfunctional relationship crap, but literally, you are just a friend that comes with benefits. Except it's a little, no, very ironic that friends are supposed to already come with benefits. The benefits of being a friend. But not this century.

I'm not saying that being beneficial is a bad thing because undoubtedly you are by default beneficial to those that keep by your side because you been official. Those are the ones that most likely aren't going anywhere. They been riding with you, Why? because you been official! 

Not too sure who is keeping you around or hitting you up because you been official or you're beneficial? Simple. (ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE ALMOST ALWAYS THE DRIVER AND SPOT EVERYONE ELSE------>) Next time it's time to go out with your "friends" tell them you don't have any money, you'll pay them back when you can, oh, and you can't drive your car can one of them pick you up. If they do it with no hesitation and then hit you up again next weekend inviting you back out and check to make sure you are cool (financially, etc.) those are the friends that have been official. If they act all stank and don't bother hitting you up, just know you are a friend with benefits. Don't have hurt feelings, just know those aren't the ones you can count on ALL LIKE THAT.

Please don't think I want you guys to be free loaders!! LOL! But at some point you need to know! 


What are your thoughts/opinions?

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