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 ...and then you got hit with the, "So What Are We?"

*slaps forehead*

Drake said it best: "We live in a generation of not being in love and not being together. But it sure feels like we're together 'cause we're scared to see each other with somebody else."

I almost want to agree with Drake, as sad as that is. Our generation has neglected titles but kept full custody of what comes with those titles.

Some may argue that you don't need a title. "It complicates things," "We know what we are," All that fun stuff. But there comes a point when you man/woman up and accept full responsibility for your relationship! What a lot us fail to realize is even without a proper title, a relationship still exists.

Guys used to have ownership of putting girls in grey areas, but ladies are adopting that habit a bit more each day.

What's up with this grey area anyway? It's like, guys, if you don't want to be in a relationship, DON'T. If you don't feel you can or are ready to invest your time into a young lady, don't waste her time by hitting her with the "lets take a break" or "let's just be friends." Because we all know that after that "decision" is made you still go through the motions of a monogamous couple. All of the motions including questioning whereabouts; and when those whereabouts and text messages include names of those of other men/women world war 3 occurs.

Well what did you expect her to do? She isn't your "girlfriend"! She technically isn't obligated to you, those explanations that she gives you are even not obligated to you.

Does the title make him/her off limits? Because I'm sure we all know a scenario that goes: 
Isn't that kionna's x-boyfriend? Yeah but you know them, that's wifey!

To avoid these scenarios, since they KNOW they are going to get back together TOMORROW! Avoid the disposal of the title. 

What about when a guy starts talking a girl and then doesn't want anything more than just talking, but the girl is head over hills just praying for the day the feeling is mutual? No title but all of the motions??? 

I saw a quote that went a little like this:  the biggest coward is a man who awakens love in a woman with no intentions of pursuing her. Even IF you do have intentions, make sure they don't include a cat and mouse game. 
Don't look for this miracle woman to complete your story when you aren't that great of a partner yourself. If you have nickel qualities don't be out here looking for a dime. When pursuing a female, make sure you have 100% to bring to the table. 
Ladies, same goes for you. All men aren't dogs and some men are worth you! You have to make sure you're worth them, too! You can't be out here with heaux tendencies and insecurities from previous relationships expecting Mr. Perfect. 

In a nutshell, titles should NOT determine your happiness, after all, there are married couples with the titles of husband and wife who are completely unhappy. BUT you also should not abuse your partners presence with taking away the title to "do you" but still want to dictate his/her every move. I know, when you have cake you are supposed to eat it. Sadly that only applies to cake! LOL! 


Do you guys think titles matter ? 

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