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Vaginas Rule: Vagina Food

What's your vagina's favorite food?
We'll take yogurt for $5,000, Alex!

Welcome to the first substantial post for "Vaginas Rule!"

As good as yogurt is to our mouths, our vaginas benefit from it just as much as our tummies!
Yogurt helps fight off yeast infections, and boy, those are no thing to not want to prevent.

Where are the facts?
The proof is in the pudding, well, yogurt! LOL!

There is a bacteria in the vagina that is only also in select foods in stores. Yogurt is one of those foods. It contains the bacteria acidophilus, a good bacteria and serves as an anti-infection agent. 
Sugar fights off that bacteria, so, minimize sugar and maximize yogurt

If you have a yeast infection, you should eat yogurt before and after antibiotics!

One more thing:
Sweetened yogurt is detrimental to vaginal health because sugar contains yeast, and yeast thrive off of sugar. Look for yogurt labels that contain the "Live Active Cultures" seal.

Remember, a healthy vagina is a happy vagina! 

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