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VAGINAS RULE! The Premiere.

What is this Vaginas Rule! crap we have on divisionELITE?! Wouldn't you want to know?! 
Well Vaginas Rule is a section that is for the ladies!

Ladies, it is what sets us apart from men, as intimate and private as we want it to be, somehow it keeps ending up in conversations. No discretion is observed when speaking about the body, heck, it comes up when talking about anything. 

But why ignore it? Why silence the hype?!

Its OURS! It belongs to us and the one thing that is more important than a happy vagina is a healthy vagina. So stop feeling uncomfortable when discussing your vagina! All (or most) of us ladies own a vagina. Its a part of our body. It's time to stop treating it like an ugly step child and face the fact that it isn't going anywhere and neither are we. We should find a way to live comfortably with both facts.

What can you expect from this column?

Well you can expect a lot! You can expect fun facts mostly! But we won't spoil the fun. Just make sure you pay the post some attention when you visit! You won't regret it!

Anywho, thanks for checking out the intro post for "VAGINAS RULE"!!!!

Make sure you let us know if you want us to touch on anything specific! Comment below or send a confidential email either under the CONTACT tab or by emailing us at!

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