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THE Double Standard: Interracial Dating

A black guy involved with a white girl is a sellout. 
Yet, a black girl involved with a white guy is doing what makes her happy. 

Is this a mere double standard or a bitter reality that needs addressed?

We are thinking both, sadly! 

Of all the problems that trouble the world, we pre-judge a couple based off of their race. What if that white girl is exactly what that black guy needs? And that white guy is behind closed doors abusing that black girl? Where are your double standards then? 

So the question is why do these double standards apply? What is the logic behind accepting a black girl with a black guy but not a black guy with a white girl? 

Word on the street is white girls are easier to take advantage of, easier to manipulate, sometimes more financially stable. BUT, They're females so they must come with the SOME drama; but maybe not the same territorial insecurities and hormones. Furthermore, we hear that white guys treat us black females better, are less drama, and sometimes more financially stable (and legally financial). They are males so they nonetheless must come with some issues of being faithful, jealousy, and tendencies to be jerks.

Another word on the streets is that a black girl ends up with a white guy because she is doing what makes her happy; maybe she's been "hurt by too many black guys" and is venturing outside of her race. Did you ever notice that the moment we see a white girl hanging on a black guys arm, with no hesitation, we blurt out that he is a sell out? 

Plain and simple. Right to the chase. He's a sell out. 
Dang yall! No explanation? No benefit of any doubts? He's just a sell out? That easy??! LOL 

Well what if that white woman is what makes him happy and he's been hurt/mistreated by all of the black women he's been involved with so HE decided to venture outside of his race to find peace and happiness? 

You think you're mad about that black guy selling out with that white lady? How do you think her family feels? According to most scenarios we've heard, what movies depict, and the history of our society, the white girl is "acting out" by engaging in that relationship. Same for the white guy who brings home the black girl. 

Who died and made us the dating police?
Because while a lot of us are worried about who's selling out, and what race is dating the other, we are trapped in our on messy relationships for the sake of keeping it in the race. 

At the end of the day it's not about our colors. It's about what makes us happy. If we put as much effort into being as happy as we curse the black guy for being with the white woman and praise to the black girl who found her a white boy, there would be one less problem In our world :) 

Say NO to double standards!
They suck!

If you have any questions comment or concerns feel free to comment below or email is at!

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