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Show Love, Shout Out! Room 412 Is Officially Open for Business!

Room 412 is officially open for business, ladies and gentlemen; and it has been presented to you by Kristian! One of Pittsburgh's very own successful young women.

Kristian is a recent college graduate, and quickly began turning her dreams into a reality fresh out of school. And loving the world of fashion and business she opened up her very own store located by Edinboro University.

This store is one that is unique becuase it expresses fashion from a Pittsburgh perspective. She has fashionable clothing available for men and women, and she fully supports some of the fashion designers from Pittsburgh, for example, she carries the Phirivon collection by Jumbe'.

Prices are reasonable, and Kristian has a variety of clothing that everyone can enjoy. Check her out and follow her on Instagram @kristian_chanel.
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