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Second-hand shops? ONE STOP SPOT!

Is it just me or do people have a really bad habit of asking where you got your shirt or jeans from? And is it just me whe wants to lie and say "idk my mom got it for me"?! LOL! Well now that I've exercised my right to invade a store we used to frown upon as kids. A store where you get something trendy for something in your budget. A place where the chances of getting caught with the same top as someone else Saturday night is pretty slim-to-none. Where is this place I speak of, you ask? 
.....the thrift store, or in some cases, a consignment shop. 

Like I said above, when you find at a thrift store it is not likely that a lot of people will have the same article of clothing, or combination of clothing for that matter. Second-hand stores are no new trend to some of us, in fact second-hand shops are usually first choice stops. There have many occasions, fashion shows, birthdays, special events when my first choice of shop was the Good Will, Red White & Blue, the Salvation Army,  Buffalo Exchange, etc. While some of obsess over second-hand shops, se turn up their nose as if the clothes in those stores aren't good enough. 

There have been a number of times when  I've found blazers, jeans, sweaters with tags still on them! In brand new condition! A lot of other stuff is lightly worn. Consignment shops are safer to shop at if you're looking for lightly worn, in season, in style, or new conditioned items. They don't accept just anything as opposed to a thrift store. For example: at Buffalo Exchange, a consignment shop, they buy your items from you. Upon purchasing those items, they check to make sure they are in good condition, trending that season, in season period, etc. while if you choose to sell them your clothes, you only get 30% of the price they are re-selling it for (or 50% of the total price for store credit), they don't re-sell it for dirt cheap. Consignment shops are your middle grounds! 

You will find that vintage outfit you've been searching for, or some nice jeans for your Saturday night outing. The same applies to thrift stores except I've noticed that at thrift stores there are racks sectioned off by item and price. (I.E. long sleeve shirts: $4.50, shorts: $5.50) as opposed to consignment shops, they sell each article of clothing according to the brand, condition, etc. 

You can rseet go wrong in a thrift shop, I wouldn't lie to you! The best part is not having to worry about someone having what you have! You can walk out Of there with some serious vintage tops that belonged to someone's great grandmother that no one else will have but everyone else will want! Whether its a thrift store or a consignment shop, take advantage of the privilege to purchase discounted clothes that will make a statement, or even just help your budget. 
I don't even have to lie to my friends anymore about where I got my top from I tell them straight how it is: 
"From the thrift store! On sale and I bet you can't find the same one!"

Do you have any thrift store stories ? We'd love to know! Email us at! Or feel free to comment below! 

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