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Soooo... with his EP just hitting the net, Mars Jackson was kind enough to answer a few questions from us at divisionELITE! Mars is one of the Pittsburgh artists that appeared on our TOP 10 Pittsburgh Artist List, and is featured numerous times under our FRESHMAN CLASS column. He is someone we can vouch for when t he matter is dope artists.

Find out about his view on the state of Pittsburgh Hip-Hop, the tape, what's next, AND MORE!

Only one way to find out check it out!

dE: What can we expect from "HypeChill?"

Mars Jackson:  What listeners can expect from "HypeChill" is nothing they heard from a Pittsburgh local artist who is unsigned making extremely gifted music, but not only gifted but the extremes are my life.  I put four months of work into this project and through those four months I learned more about myself as an artist but more importantly as a man. You can hear it!  To me I say  it can’t be denied by listeners who enjoy all aspects of music, there is no limitations on how I attack songs or melodies, its just something that God has blessed me with and also blessing me with the ability to write, the ability to have a ear for music and production. Expect the unexpected, this is not no typical local tape this beyond that this is Hype Chill.

dE:  What went into "Hype Chill," what was the mass majority if inspiration that went into this tape?

Mars Jackson:  I can honestly say there was no blueprint because it throughout the process a whole lot of shit happen which I wanted to open up and not be scared to express myself and really make people understand why I do what I do. As an artist we tend to “dumb it down” but with me I cannot do that.  I’m an out spoken person so if I feel strongly about a topic or subject I write about it especially if it pertains to me. Example Track  4 “ More Promises” I opened up a lot because I’m a good story teller, I want you to feel me every second of the song because this shit is real as it gets, and it gets realer.  Therefore, inspiration that went into this tape, my great grandma who died in May. My great grandma lead the way and set the blueprint of our family so losing her after my birthday spark that fire to not let no motherfucker tell Mars he can’t do something or he’s not this or that because seeing how are my great grandma went until her last breath I vowed to myself that how I want to be until my last breath with this music shit.

dE: What's your favorite track? Why?

Mars Jackson: That’s a hard question because I love all the tracks each one I could remember that point in my life of what I was going through. But if I had to say which one it would be “Sacrifices” ft. Badboxes, who is up and coming indie group whose music is fucking phenomenal! I mean its mind blowing that this shit is coming out of PITTSBURGH! Working with my g Harrison and John it opened my  mind and heart to talk about the Sacrifices you make for somebody or anything regardless if its relationship, family, jobs etc everybody in this world makes sacrifices and no sacrifices is bigger than the next also. We are human we express ourselves in so many ways and this joint say it all.  I love it because it’s a crossover song and I want the world to hear it.

dE: As a part of it, what's your input and opinion on the state of Pittsburgh hip-hop?

Mars Jackson: This question is touchy. No Comment. Sike naw… The state of Pittsburgh hip-hop could be better and that’s even on my part also. I’ve been around and I heard and saw a lot.  You got so many movements in this city it’s like how the f*ck can I keep up with all this. I mean I don’t name artist no more because people get in their feelings when their name isn’t brought up or etc., I love all the music coming out of this city because it’s from our city.  Like the only thing I dislike about the hip-hop scene is this Hollywood mentality or the lack of support, then again since Kendrick dropped that verse I guess people in Pittsburgh said f*ck unity, I’m try murder ya’ll niggas. I don’t got Kendrick money nor do I hang out with any of those artist he named lol so with that being said “We must unite and make good as music!!” Break the norm, shake it up, get on these radio stations, get out here and build instead of sneak dissing or trying to crew hop to make it. But also let the listeners be the judge of the material you put forth not the other local rappers. I work a 9 to 5 and grind outside of my job to make it to these events and stuff because I understand what it takes. People see Wiz and Mac and don’t realize that shit is not easy the industry will eat your ass up so keep a golden heart and build.

dE:  What do you want your fans to get from the tape?

Mars Jackson: I want my fans to understand I do this for us! I do this for my mom and sister who I love to death and I love the listeners who fuck with my music period, so from this tape I want you know and understand Mars Jackson and this NEW PITTSBURGH movement.  Understand my struggles, my hurt, my fuck up’s, my mistakes, it’s all in Hype Chill mane.

dE:  What's next from Mars Jackson?

Mars Jackson: Whatever God brings my way and whatever path he takes me down to keep doing what I’m doing because I love it right now. Also ….. I have shows coming up and visuals that are ready to dropped so I want everybody in the city to listen up and pay attention don’t miss this jet, hoe lol.


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